Here at Monica Potter Home, we aim to make every house a home by introducing high quality, hand-crafted goods which promote comfort and inspire creativity. We are committed to supporting the families within our company and beyond, providing jobs and opportunities for those in our communities. It is with pride that we share our products with you and your family. Welcome home.

Vintage Barn Box

Vintage Barn Box

These handcrafted Vintage Barn Boxes are created using reclaimed wood from post and beam ...
Fall Trivet

Fall Trivet

We are delighted to introduce our handcrafted trivets made out of many different repurpose...
Fall Soy Glass Candle

Fall Soy Glass Candle

Apple Crunch into the essence of a crisp, delicious apple with our gener...

Vanilla Chai Hand Cream

On chilly, foggy days, one of my favorite things is cozying up with a big cup of hot chai. I needed to make some new hand cream this past week in preparation for the colder weather on my trip to New York, so I thought I’d make a Vanilla Chai Hand Cream. This turned out […]


French Onion Soup

I know French onion soup seems like a super intimidating soup to make, but if you follow the instructions closely it is pretty easy. Now I’ll admit, I have made many batches of this soup where not even Bella would touch it, but through the mistakes I think I’ve nailed down a pretty good recipe. […]


Hanging Fall Basket

So with fall in full effect, a lot of my summer hanging baskets have started to die off. I love the splash of color that a hanging fall basket brings, so I thought I’d transform my summer baskets into a fall theme to enjoy through the later months. This can be done with any kind […]


Pumpkin Votives with a Drill

I wanted to make little pumpkin votives this weekend to light the path up to our house for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, but I didn’t want to carve all those pumpkins, so I thought—why don’t I just make some pumpkin votives with a drill? This project was so easy and took just an afternoon to make […]